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We have a long history of developing a variety of products for our customers, such as soldering units (dipping, laser, and iron types), welders, potting units, assemblers, PCB separators, and all types of testers.

Examples of Product Development

Soldering Unit (dipping type)
Soldering Unit (dipping type) Description Work pieces inserted by an operator are coated with flux,preheated, soldered, and ejected after cooling.
Dimensions Width: 1300 mm, Depth: 1650 mm, Height: 1800 mm
Soldering Unit (laser type)
Soldering Unit (laser type) Description This machine solders connection leads inserted through holes in PCBs by application of a cream solder, preheating, and laser soldering.
Dimensions Width: 2200 mm, Depth: 1000 mm, Height: 1500 mm
Covering Machine
Covering Machine Description This unit applies adhesive to an aluminum die cast and places a cover on it.
The adhesive coating is checked by an imaging process.
The cover is pressed into place after grease is applied.
Dimensions Width: 850 mm, Depth: 1200 mm, Height: 1500 mm
Welding, Pottery, and Hardening machine
Welding, Pottery, and Hardening machine Description Welds terminals, pours resin into them, and applies heat to harden.
(welding and pottery unit)
Width: 2190 mm, Depth: 6370 mm, Height: 1900 mm
(hardening unit)
Width: 1400 mm, Depth: 3115 mm, Height: 1900 mm