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Management Principle

“Curiosity about things unknown”“Joy of creation”“Kindness towards people”

The values we hold highest are “curiosity about things unknown”, “joy of creation”,
and “kindness towards people”.

We believe that these philosophies provide the motivation to create better products.
By doing this, we at A.I. TEC hope to be seen as a company that is necessary to the world.

What Makes Us Different

Responding to our customer’s needs

We design to suit the customer’s needs with regard to specifications like safety standards, layout, operability, maintenance, and compatibility with servers and other external devices.
When clients ask us for something we have not made before, we sit down with them and develop exact ideas and designs together.

Seamless product development from design to manufacture

A single engineer is responsible for a given project, from initial meetings, to manufacture, to final on-site adjustments.
This common link can respond to the most detailed of customer requests and leads to a high level of ownership and know-how about our customers and their requirements.

Unquestionable reliability

Our long list of achievements with a variety of customers is testament to our strong reliability.
We have reached this point by working tirelessly, one step at a time, to fulfil our numerous clients’ rigorous demands.
With know-how cultivated over many years, we bring the customer’s ideas to life.

Use of 3D CAD

We design all new orders with 3D CAD. This not only increases the precision of our designs, but also facilitates the sharing of information among our engineers, which is one of the secrets to our success.
Customers also appreciate the accuracy and transferability of data when developing new devices with us.

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